Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Different Kinds of Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are basic necessity on people entering the period of old age. It is a given fact that a certain individual turns weak when he or she becomes old. So when a person gets older, he or she would probably need this one. Generally speaking, this device is especially intended for people who cannot walk. It is a sort of substitute for walking. Basically it is a device similar to a chair with four wheels on it. On a typical situation, the two wheels in the front are smaller compared to the ones at the back. The wheels are already furnished with a metal rim. This could help the client or patient move the equipment on his or her own.

This device could also be pushed manually by a person. The person pushing it is the one who manipulates the direction of the wheelchair. It has a grip at the back portion which is used by people who pushes the equipment by hand. In other cases, this equipment can be motorized too. There is a certain motor inside it which is manipulated by the use of a certain remote control. As of this time, there are two forms of wheelchair. These two are the manual or self-propelled ones and the electric ones. In the category of manual or self propelled device, there are two types. These two are folding and rigid type.

Folding devices are completed by the use of light materials and can be easily transported wherever a person goes. This is particularly designed for outpatient individuals or client confined at homes. This wheelchair is usually pushed by caregivers or hospice care attendants. On the other hand, rigid ones are made from welded materials and have lesser moving parts. Lastly, an electric wheelchair is motorized by a rechargeable battery. You can easily plug this one to any power outlet near you.

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