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Features of Outdoor Stairlifts

The need to install a stairlift depends upon the extent of handicap, injury or individual's limited mobility. If climbing a stair has become a painful experience and you do not intend moving homes, a stairlift is a boon. Due to the increasing demand for better mobility options both within the home and outdoors. Though there is no fundamental difference between indoor and outdoor stairlifts, the outdoor lifts are manufactured using weatherproof materials to resist both heat and cold.

The basic features of outdoor stairlifts are:

? As compared to indoor stairlifts which are molded out of aluminium, outdoor lifts are made from materials such as unstained metals and vinyl that can withstand heat and cold in extreme conditions.

? The chains and pulley blocks are generally manufactured with insulation to protect them from mildew, dampness and heat.

? Unlike indoor chairs, outdoor stairlift seats are made from highly durable vinyl that is weather resistant, preventing damage.

As the installation may require higher skills, considering the location, climate and quality of materials, it is best to get professional help from outdoor stairlift manufacturer's representative to come for an in house survey and see the place where you need the outdoor stairlift installed. As there are numerous sizes and models of such lifts, consider your requirements and then shortlist the potential models. Price is another consideration when you buy outdoor stairlifts as they are higher priced than indoor ones due to extra insulation, materials used and installation. However, the basic features of the stairlifts remain the same.

Both indoor and outdoor models have the trains, wheelchair or chair, chassis and rail tracks. The only difference is apparent is the location, terrain, weather proofing and high durability of material that is used. Indoor stairlifts are protected from harsh weather and wear and tear is low as compared to climatic ravages that outdoor lifts endure.

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Finding the Right Stair Lift That Suits Your Needs

Stair lifts are mainly used for the safe transportation of the physically impaired and those with limited mobility up and down the stairs in multi-level and high-rise buildings. While planning to install a stair lift, finding the right stair lift that suits your needs might prove to be a difficult task.

Stair Lifts that Accommodate Your Multiple Requirements

Whether your requirement is getting a stairlift that operates even during power failures or one that can accommodate maximum weight, you can find whatever you need in the market. Besides, there are lifts that can be fitted into a straight stair case or a curved one, offering a smooth ride up and down. These are DC functioning and operate even after power outages. These have huge seat size, clean rail tracks, and soft start/ stop features that ensure comfortable transportation. These come with foldable footrest, flip-up seat and some of them can be even installed on either sides of the staircase.

Benefits of Selecting Quality Products

It is always a challenge to find the apt one when you are left with a variety of choices. While making use of quality products, you can ensure safe and reliable transportation on elevators that are free of manufacturer defects. Some of the manufacturers of quality products provide speedy installation and maintenance services for their customers.

Stair Lifts that Fit Your Budget

Though lifts are comparatively expensive, prior to purchasing, you can compare prices and make the right pick. First of all, you should decide on the kind of stair lift you require. There are different models in different sizes that can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor performance, these models come with weather resistant qualities. Indoor lifts can be installed with minimum disruption to the elegance of the building. Some of the popular types are straight rail, curved rail, wheelchair and outdoor stair lifts.

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Guide to Different Types of Stair Lifts

With the development of modern sciences, many new inventions have been introduced to the world to make life easier. Since the dawn of humanity man has always been in search of discovering different ways to make life easier - and that quest is still going on. In recent years, many new innovative machines and tools have been introduced to the market, which are specifically designed to help the disabled and allow them more freedom of movement and independence. One such innovative machine is the stair lift, which is used to help the disabled in climbing stairs without the help of another person.

There are different kinds of stair lifts to fulfil the needs of different people with different conditions and disabilities. They can be installed on almost any type of stairway, regardless of the length of the stairway. Whether the stair case is spiral or straight, a stair lift can be installed even in the most toughest spots. They are generally intended for indoor use, however there are lifts that have been specifically designed for out door use.

There are generally two main types of stair lift - standing stair lifts and seated stair lifts. Standing ones are those that can be used by people who have no problem in standing or walking but are unable, or experience difficulty in, bending their legs. These people include those with medical disorders that prevent them from bending their legs. This type of stair lift does not need a lot space to be installed and therefore can be used in tight and narrow spaces with ease. The seated stair lifts are those which are generally used by people who have a problem with standing for long periods, or are completely disabled and cannot stand at all (for example, people in wheel chairs). These stair lifts consist of a seat that runs along the stairs, thus allowing the user to climb up and down the stairs without having to stand at all. Some companies even offer seats with foldable arms to provide maximum support to the physically disabled.

Another type of stair lift is the wheelchair lift, which is designed for those people who cannot get up from their wheelchair with ease. It consists of a mechanism that transports the entire wheelchair along the stairway, thus there is no need to get up from the wheelchair at all. Yet another type of stair lift is the one called preaching stair lift which is designed for those who need just a little support while standing. It is almost the same as the standing lift but with an added support for the back of the disabled person.

It would be difficult for an ordinary person to determine which type of stair lift would be best for him/her, therefore the companies that provide stair lifts also have well trained working staff which can help the consumer choose the right stair lift for an individual. Also, it would be advisable to consult a doctor or therapist as they know the condition of the patient and will therefore be able to give a better suggestion as to which stair lift should be installed. As the stair lifts are machines, the ones with maximum warranty should be considered first to make sure the investment does not go to waste.

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Handicap Stair Lift - Taking You Up and Down Your Stairs

Handicap stair lifts are a blessing to physically handicapped people. They help physically disabled people to move up and down the stairways of their house or office without much effort. Stair chair lifts are available for both indoor and outdoor use. In the absence of handicap stair lifts, it is a stressful activity for physically handicapped people to climb the steps to carry out their daily needs. Otherwise they have to resort to the help of caretakers to climb the stairs. Stair chair lifts for straight stairways, curved stairways and even complex stairways are now available in the market. Stair lifts are also known as chair lifts or stair gliders.

A handicap stair lift mainly consists of a chair to carry the handicapped person. This chair with arms and footrest is called a carriage. There will be a rail which is mounted on the steps of the stairways. The carriage will be attached to the rail and the stair lift climbs the stair way by moving along the rail. For rotating the carriage at curves, manual or electrical powered swivels are provided with the seat to rotate at 45 degrees or 90 degrees. Some stairlift chairs can be used as indoor wheelchairs. Outdoor stairlifts are similar to indoor stairlifts but they are provided with better weatherproofing.

Earlier stair lifts had only AC driven motors. The problem with these chair lifts was that they could not be used at the time of power failure. To overcome this drawback modern stair chair lifts are provided with motors that are powered by rechargable batteries which use direct current. The controls of most of the handicap stair lifts are provided at the armrest so that even people with limited mobility can easily control the stairlift.

Now handicap stair lifts with infrared remote control facility are available in the market. Some stairlifts are provided with obstruction sensors to provide maximum safety to the stairlift user. Normal straight stair lifts have a speed ranging from 0.07 m/s to 0.15 m/s. Reliable and branded stairlifts have a life of 20 years. Considering the requirements of stair lift users, various models of stairlifts with different features have been introduced in the market by stairlift manufacturers. Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Savaria Concord are some of the leading stairlift manufacturers who provide various models of stairlifts in the world market.

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Handicap Stair Lifts - The Practical Solution For Those With Accessibility Problems

Handicap stair lifts are the products that have been into existence for quite some time now. These stair lifts are known to provide a practical solution for those who are disabled or have some type of special needs and they are having accessibility problems. They are especially manufactured keeping the handicapped people in mind and thus they have some kind of special features.

Most of these lifts come equipped with a motorized chair. This motorized chair is connected to a track and the track is further installed to a staircase. Thus, it is possible for an individual to easily go up and down the lift several times and also without facing any troubles. One may not face any trouble of falling also. Thus, simply with the push of a button, one can easily be carried up and down the stairs.

Additionally, these stairway lifts are extremely compact in nature and can be folded easily when they are not in use. The staircase can be used solely for other purposes also. These handicap stair lifts are generally attached to the steps of the staircase. The use of metal brackets is generally made in order to establish this attachment. By making an efficient use of the handicap stair lifts, the disabled individuals may not have to lead an immobilized lifestyle. They can also freely get involved in the various household activities and can successfully go up and down the stairs without ensuring any injury to themselves.

By making the use of these lifts, it is possible for the disabled to navigate the entire home and they can achieve the same with a great amount of ease. Before the invention and development of these products, it was extremely difficult for the handicapped to climb up the stairs or come down. With these lifts, it is now possible for the disabled to have a free access to any part of his home and also they do not have to restrict themselves to just one part of the house. There are different types of handicap chair lifts available, including: straight stair chair lifts, curved stairway lifts, wheelchair platform lifts, outdoor lifts and pre-owned lifts, etc.

Most of the present models of the handicap stair lifts are powered by rechargeable batteries and the use of direct current is generally made to operate them.

Learn more about handicap stair lifts.

Prices, demonstrations, reviews, and articles available at:

Handicap Stair Lifts For Homes - Stair Lifts For the Handicapped

Handicap stair lifts are really a blessing for people who find it difficult to move up and down the stairway in their homes. Physically handicapped persons can access rooms on different floors with the aid of this mobility enhancement equipment. These devices can impart a certain amount of independence to disabled individuals.

The advantages of having handicap stair lifts at homes are: they can reduce the number of falls, lessen the wear and tear on knees, hip joints and ankles, and they can give freedom of movement to a certain extent. Nowadays, handicap stair chair lifts for homes are provided by a number of manufacturers. So, you can deal with your mobility disorders by installing a handicap stair lift without making home modifications.

While purchasing handicap stair chair lifts, one should consider several factors such as the amount of disability of the individual, ability to hold control buttons and so on. The person opting for these lifts must have the ability to rise on her own from the wheelchair to sit on the stair lift. If one cannot transfer oneself independently, she should consider other accessibility equipment instead. Most of the chair lifts are switched on and off using a button situated on the arm rest, so the person using them should be capable of performing this function. Moreover, the handicapped individual should have control over the upper portion of her body, or else she may slide or slip when the lift starts moving.

Depending on the shape of the staircase, one can opt for straight stair lifts or curved stair lifts. The power used for operating this device can be either AC or DC. Though the battery powered handicap stair chair lifts need to be recharged often, they can be operated even when there is a power failure in your home. These lifts can be mounted on either side of the stairs. Most of them offer a smooth and quiet ride. Some of them feature a sensor that can sense obstacles. Hence, the lift stops by itself on finding an obstruction, thus preventing damages to the equipment and the user. Almost all stair chair lifts will be equipped with safety belts. These lifts can be folded when not it use, allowing more space for others to walk by. Considering the expense involved in shifting the house and hiring a nurse, buying a chair lift is a better option. Installing handicap stair lifts in your home is often beneficial if there is an elderly or disabled person residing there.

Anthony Robbins is a design consultant of DAY Elevator & Lift, a leading supplier of finest quality elevators, lifts, dumbwaiters and other disability access solutions. DAY offers different types of handicap stair lift models that fit any stairway configuration.

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Increase Safety in Your Home - Install a Stair Lift

Modern invention has brought many useful things into existences which in turn have greatly increased our safety, and provide maximum protection as well. Previously which seemed to be tedious and difficult task, now seems like a child's play. Stair lift is one such modern invention which has brought many benefits and safety features to the household stairs.

Stairs can be very dangerous and tricky; hundreds of thousands of people fall from stairs each year. Most youngsters may survive the fall; however, elderly people and the physically disabled people can get hurt badly in a fall, even to the extent of beyond recovery. Some people even lose their lives due to falling from stairs.

Stair lifts can ensure safety in your home. Most people cannot afford to buy a single story house big enough to suffice their needs as the cost of land is reaching the skies these days. So, most people have to resort back to multi story houses which include danger and risk of climbing up and down the stair case.

Accidents happen, and they might be inevitable, but the probability of an accident can be reduced by installing stair lifts which allow the elderly and the disabled to use the stairs as much as they like without endangering their lives. How many times one had to watch out for the elderly or the disabled members of the family just to make sure they don't hurt themselves while climbing up or down the stairs. Stair lifts can change the scenario, and guarantee peace of mind as well.

Stair lifts also provide independence to these people as they mostly have to rely on others to help them move about the stairs. The sense of dependence in case of climbing up and down the stairs bothers people who really don't feel like being a burden on others. Stair lifts, surely is a wonderful solution for such people as it returns them the freedom and independence they always wished.

Stairs lifts can be installed in the tightest spots. They can be installed on indoor or outdoor stair cases without any problem at all. Narrow stair cases are a major problem for most people as they restrict their freedom, and also make it difficult for others to help them move about the stairs. Stair lifts can even fit in these narrow stair cases with ease, and thus provide an easy solution to this daily problem.

Many people are also unable to stand at all, and thus have to move their wheel chairs up and down the stairs with the help of someone. It can be a real problem, as it is definitely a difficult task to move a person on a wheel chair all the way up the stairs. However, with the help of a stair lift, some wheel chairs can fit onto the stair lift, and thus the person is transported up the stairs along with the wheelchair without any trouble or effort.

Stair lifts are available in different sizes and shapes to suit the needs of almost all customers. Many organizations specialize in making and installing stair lifts, and thus know the right solution for any staircase what so ever. They would probably send a sales representative or an engineer who will make an assessment of what type of stair lift should be used, and then will suggest the best option available.

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Know How to Choose the Right Stairlift For Your Home

It is not always that you go about shopping for stairlifts. Hence, it is important that you choose the right one the first time itself, as it helps to avoid frustration later on. The stair lifts are also known as stair gliders, stairway elevator, electric lifts for stair and chair lifts. These lifts are especially helpful for handicapped and elderly people. It helps them to achieve maximum mobility through out the house and even in other public places. Thus they do not have to depend on others in case they have to move up or down the stairs. These lifts are not at all expensive. Rather, it has become easily affordable for the common people. These are generally seats on rail and it helps one to move up and down a flight of stairs. These lifts are constructed using aluminum rails. On these rails the stair chair glides up with the help of a chain or pulley cable. When the chair lift travels up, it generally faces sideways.

There are different models of these stair gliders available in the market. The ones made for commercial complexes are different from the household ones. Mostly, the household stair gliders have a seat, a foot rest and the arm rails with back rest. If there are corners that need to be tackled by the staircase, it will not be a concern. The stair lift can be customized accordingly. Thus it can used to go straight up the flight of stairs, or it can also be customized to curve around corners. Thus, it makes it possible for the chair lifts to be installed in any homes. Another for of stair gliders commonly used are the wheelchair stair lifts. These are more heavy duty models of the chair lifts. It is used to lift a wheelchair up the stairs. Hence, instead of a seat, it has a platform to lift the wheelchair up the stairs. These are mostly used in commercial or public areas and also outside of residential homes.

The chair lifts are easy to install. These are attached either to the stairs or the walls. The chair lifts can either be operated with the help of battery or electricity. There is no need for any custom wiring for these lifts as it can be connected to the common household plugs. There is an advantage though of installing battery operated stairway elevator. It will work even when there is power outage unlike the electric operated chair lifts. The only thing that you need to take care of in case of battery operated lifts is that, it will need to be replaced periodically.If you are not sure about its installation, then you can get advice from the stairlift reviews to get it right. According to the experts, the chair lifts should be installed not more than 7" from the wall. This allows maximum usage of the stair area.

The best stairlift is easily affordable. Thus, if you have any need of these chair lifts in your family, you can consider it as an option without worrying about the price.

For any help on stairlift reviews, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the best stairlift!

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Purpose and Aspects of Chair Lifts

The chairlift is a kind of aerial lift. This consists of a loop of steel wire that is strung between two end terminals are usually more intermediate towers and is in constant motion. The seats are hung from chairlift cable. These are associated with ski areas. The racers are usually tourists or skiers. They are sitting on these elevators and are carried up and down a mountainside. These lifts are also found in amusement parks and places of tourist attraction.

Such lifts can also come to the aid and facilitate mobility for persons with handicaps. You can also use conveniently in case you have trouble developed around. There are many types of chairlifts available on the market some of whom certainly suits their purposes. These range from those who pose a chair at another level of stairs or vehicles which pose a person to a level that allows them to stay.

The most useful of the chair lifts are the ones who help people in wheelchairs, get up the stairs. Different brands and models of this type of chair lifts are there. While the purchase of these lifts you need to consider the weight capacity of these. The additional equipment associated with elevators that might be necessary to also have to be careful. There are some lifts that require the person to be able to move from one position to another on their own. Once again, there are others who do not require it. Therefore, this is also a factor worthy of consideration. The best thing to do to elect the chair lifts are properly talk to a professional. These professionals can lift experts stress that all aspects of chair lifts and will help you incorporate all the useful features. While this may be a bit expensive but worth it.

The chairlift helps people who are not restricted to a wheelchair and has trouble sitting and then standing. The chair lifts are especially adjustable to meet this purpose. These elevators can also be used to help get into and out of vehicles. It has even found that the chair lifts are enabling people with disabilities to go hunting in tree stands. Therefore, the lifts are immensely beneficial an offer.

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Regain Your Freedom Around Your House With a Residential Stair Lift

A residential stair lift can be of great benefit to those that use a wheelchair for mobility, as traditional stairs can be a trying experience.

There are essentially three solutions to conquering stairs in your residence. The first is a ramp system, which can be difficult to implement depending on the home's layout. The second is an elevator which can be cost prohibitive to your average consumer.

The third solution, a residential stair lift, offers a combination of benefits that makes it the most flexible and inexpensive choice. Using a residential stair lift is an economical option that doesn't require the financial investment of an elevator. It also offers a high level of flexibility, and can be configured to work in almost every scenario.

A residential stair lift comes in an inclined or a vertical model. Both types of wheelchair lifts operate similarly. You will be presented with a platform to roll your wheelchair onto via a ramp. The access ramps will fold up and you will be securely held in place during your ascent or decent.

To reach the floor or level you are interested in visiting, you use a push button. Holding down the button will propel the ramp in the direction you desire. Quickly pushing and releasing the button will allow you to safely direct the ramp where you need it to go.

The inclined platform has tracks and a platform that are attached to the wall or stairs. It is quite easy to customize to suit your specific staircase and is the preferred choice of most wheelchair users.

The vertical wheelchair lift is like an elevator, except you do not need to physically adapt the building you are going to install it into, other than to accommodate the space taken up by the vertical wheelchair lift itself.

Depending on your requirements, there are numerous residential stair lifts available. Installation of a stair lift will allow you to navigate the change in floor levels without difficulty. Climbing stairs no longer has to be an impediment for you.

For more interesting information on residential stair lifts, come click our links and discover more about new and used wheelchair stair lifts.

Stair Chair Lift - A Word Of Warning

There is a growing trend for customers to buy a home stair lift and to install it themselves. This trend is encouraged by many dealers who sell residential stair lifts - especially via the internet - as they imply that installation is child's play, will save the customer money and is what most customers want anyway. However many organizations are concerned about self-installation of stair chair lifts.

The British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA) has warned that many disabled people are putting their lives at risk by DIY installation of home stair lifts. BHTA director general Ray Hodgkinson thinks DIY stairlifts are "an accident waiting to happen".

Many disabled people are on low incomes and believe that they will save money by installing a stair chair lift by themselves. But they are warned that they might be saving money in the short term but they will pay in the long term.

David Jenkins, a product safety advisor for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents backs this advice. He says: "The implications of getting it wrong would not only be financial."There could be serious injury or even death."

In the US this concern has been expressed by the AMEA (Accessibility Equipment Manufacturer's Association). The AMEA states that no individual can know whether they have properly installed a home stair lift unless they have received expert training. The average consumer will also be unaware of conformance requirements with both local and national codes; in many localities, the codes referenced are the ASME A17.1, the A18.1, and the NFPA70 (National Electrical Code). Finally, the AMEA, points out that the customer could be breaking the law. If the stair chair lift requires any wiring to the mains supply, many states prohibit this unless it is carried out by a qualified technician.

Stair lifts may look simple but they are complex machines using the latest technology; only someone with the required training can confidently install one.

Another reason why many dealers prefer customers to self install a home stair lift is because there is no come back if things go wrong. The dealer can always throw up his hands and put the blame solely on incorrect installation. Many customers are negating many warranties when they install a stair lift by themselves.

The elderly and the disabled are often seen as easy victims - especially by internet traders. A good tip is to only deal with suppliers who insist that they carry out the installation. This, not only shows that the supplier cares about his customers' safety, it will also protect the customer in the long term should anything go wrong with the stair lift.

Buying a home stair lift is expensive. But a stair lift can usually be fitted in a matter of a few hours by an experienced installer; therefore the cost of installation, compared to the overall cost, is quite small.

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Stair Chair Lift - Mobility For the Disabled

There are several people in the world who are not capable of performing physical actions such as walking due to injuries. Other people like the elderly and those suffering from knee or joint related weaknesses may need extra help for performing various tasks requiring mobility from one place to another.

A stair chair lift comes in as a very useful device for them to move from one place in their house or workplace. It provides them the freedom to move about independently without bothering others. It is observed that a large number of people with physical disabilities are now using chair lifts to stay mobile.

Kinds Of Mobility Devices

Stair chair lift is just one common type of mobility machine for the disabled. There are several others available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

* Wheelchair lifts

* Lift platforms

* Wheelchair ramps

The advantage of using stair chair lift is that they can be modified according to the dimensions, direction, and height of the room and stairs. Additionally, most variants of these lifts can be secured to the handrail of stairs and turned into the corridors at each end of the floor. This is extremely beneficial for people living or working in multi-storied buildings.

A wheelchair lift is also similar to a stairway lift although it contains a wheelchair that can transport people sitting in it from one floor to another. This is usually done using a platform on which a wheel chair is placed and it is then taken wherever needed to go. This is more comfortable to use. A lift platform is a simple platform where a person can stand or sit on a chair, which is then lifted up or brought down between floors of a building. It is similar to an elevator in a large building.

A lift ramp is nothing but an ordinary ramp made out of either wood or strong, durable plastic that is kept on top of stairs, thus allowing a disabled person to walk up or down it rather than using the stairs to move from one floor to another. The advantage of a ramp is that it is fairly cheap and easy to make. However, a person using a ramp needs extra care when walking over it in order to avoid falling off it.

Stair Lifts UK

Stair chair lift is becoming common in various parts of the world, especially in the developed countries. Due to this reason their cost has gradually come down in recent years. However, since stair lifts are not very popular in the UK, their cost is fairly high.

A good supplier of stair lifts will ship it right up to your home although he may charge you a small sum to cover shipping costs. Additionally, a physician may be able to help you recommend a good store to buy a stair lift from. Contacting these stores and inquiring about their prices and specifications will help you find the right kind of stair lift for your needs. Internet can help you compare stair lifts from manufacturers and it is a good idea to read them. This will give you a good understanding of how stair lifts work and can be installed with minimum effort.

Visit the given link Stair Chair Lift for information and advice on Stair Chair Lift, wheelchair lifts, and handicap stair lifts. Also know how to compare the different stairlifts available in the market.

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Stair Chair Lift - What To Look For When Buying

To buy and install a stair lift has become a popular choice for many handicapped or disabled people or for those who just find if difficult or tiring to walk up and down stairs. But deciding to buy one is the easy part; deciding on what is the best stair lift to buy is the hard part.

Prices vary greatly but don't make the mistake of buying the cheapest you can find. You should buy one that uses modern technology, has the features you want and comes with a good warranty.

But what to look for when buying a stair chair lift?

First, you should make sure that it uses modern technology and design. You should really only buy one that uses a rack and pinion system to pull the chair and it should also be powered by DC 24 volt rechargeable batteries. Older versions used a cable to pull the chair up and down the track. However, a cable system doesn't give the user the smoothest ride and you have the issue of the moving cable that is continuously being wound in and out as the chair travels along the track; a moving cable will suffer wear and tear and will need replacing at a future date.

Also, older lifts used mains AC electricity. This means that it needs an electrician to carry out the wiring. Modern stair chair lifts are powered by rechargeable batteries. This not only makes installation much easier but it's also safer as there is no possibility of someone being electrocuted when using the chair.

Most manufacturers of stair lifts like Bruno and Acorn make rack and pinion battery powered stair chair lifts. Summit stair lifts continue to make cable and mains powered unit.

The arms should lift up to allow easy access to the chair. The seat and foot rest should also be foldable so that when not in use, there is ample room for others to use the stairs.

Just about all models come with safety belts. But you should decide whether you want retractable inertia seat beats or 3-point fixed shoulder belts - not all stair lift suppliers fit these types.

Make sure the unit you buy comes with two wireless call/send remote controls.

As well as remote controls you need to decide on what other controls you need. Controls are usually fitted on the armrest and should always override the remote control. The most common types of controls are pressure rocker switches (the user must keep it pushed down when using) and a joystick. You must decide on what control type best suits your requirements.

Pay close attention as to what safety systems come as standard. There should be at least a footrest sensor to stop the chair if an obstacle is encountered on the stairs. Bruno stair lifts come with 5 sensor surfaces on the footrest and carriage, so that any obstacle encountered on either the stairs or the track will stop the chair.

A stair chair lift should come with governors to slow the carriage from travelling over a certain speed or will stop it completely if anything breaks.

What weight will the stair chair need to carry? Most, like the Acorn Superglide Stair Lift, can carry a maximum of 300 lbs whereas the Bruno Electra-Ride Stair Lift can carry 350 lbs.

You should check out the seat and determine if it can be adjusted (along with the footrest) so you feel comfortable when using it.

Finally, find out what warranties the supplier provides. Also, what after sales service is provided? Ideally you should find a dealer that provide 24/7 telephone support.

Installing a stair chair lift can greatly improve one's quality of life. But installing one that doesn't best serve you can be detrimental to your quality of life. Take your time when choosing a unit and carry out as much research as you can before buying.

Follow the links for more on buying a stair chair lift from makes like the Acorn stair lift and the Bruno stair lift and others.

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Stair Chair Lift Ratings

Stair chair lifts are giving people back their mobility and their home. But deciding on what is the best stair lift for your needs isn't that easy. Not all residential models offer the same features and the price variation between brands can be enormous. What follows are stairlift ratings of the most popular brands.

Summit Stair Lift

The Summit stair lift is for those on a limited budget. It has been designed to offer basic functionality that is reliable. The Summit is still powered by AC mains electricity. Just about every manufacturer uses DC 24 volt rechargeable batteries. Battery powered stair chair lifts are better because they offer smoother starts and stops, are easy to install as there's no wiring, are safer than mains and the lift can still be operated during power outages. The Summit also uses an outmoded cable system to pull the carriage along the track. The cable used in them by Summit is aircraft cable and is rated at 4,200 lbs, so there is no danger of breakage.

The Summit does come with basic safety control. The footrest has a sensor that will immediately stop the chair should it encounter any object on the stairs. You also get a seatbelt. What you won't get with a Summit stair lift are sensors on the actual carriage itself, so an object on the track will not stop the chair. The control panels are not wireless either, they are wall mounted.

The Summit chair lift is a product that will transport the user up and down the stairs - though not in any great style. It is a workhorse and has been proven to be reliable with surprising little maintenance even though it employs old technology.

Rating: 3 out of 5

Acorn Stair Lift

Acorn stair lifts, like Summit, can only be used on a straight staircase. Unlike a Summit lift, the Acorn is a more sophisticated machine. The Acorn Superglide stair lift is a battery powered rack and pinion system. This is the industry norm. The rechargeable battery pack gives a smooth start and stop and the rack and pinion drive ensures a smooth ride overall. The Acorn comes with two wireless remote controls with send/call functionality. There is also a mechanical joystick to control the stair chair lift - the toggle overrides the remote controls.

You can also buy the Acorn Superglide outdoor stair lift. Interestingly, Acorn also makes a perch stair lift for those who find sitting uncomfortable or impossible. The Acorn Perch can also be used on narrower staircases. The Superglide Perch by Acorn comes with a 'wander lead' control which can be positioned to allow maximum comfort and ease of operation.

The Acorn stair lift would suit the requirements of the majority and is an excellent one.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Bruno Stair Lift

Few manufacturers make curved stair lifts. This is because they lack the expertise. Bruno is a company that does have this expertise. Bruno is ISO-9001 certified, which is the most stringent and widely recognized quality standards in the world.

Bruno makes not just one straight stairlift but four; 3 home stair and 1 outdoor lift. Each home from Bruno offers a heap of features that come as standard. The Electra-Ride Elite is its top model. It comes with 5 surfaces fitted with safety sensors, on both the footrest and carriage. It has an overspeed safety brake, retractable seat belts, and wireless remote controls and it can carry up to 400lbs. The seat height can be adjusted from 19" to 24 1/2" and the footrest can be adjusted too to give maximum comfort. The rail protrudes 5" from the skirting - the industry norm is about 8".

The Bruno Electra-Ride III Curved Rail can be installed on just about any staircase, no matter how much it curves. It can carry up to 350 lbs and an optional wrap-around "park" position is designed to save room and make using it that much easier.

The Bruno stair lift is one of the best on the market and remains very popular.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Stannah Stair Lift

Stannah is a UK stair lift manufacturer that now ships to over 40 countries. In my opinion this is the best stair lift you can buy. They recently released the Stannah 120 with Solia and Solus models. The stair chair lifts were designed in partnership with one of Europe's leading design agencies and it shows. The Solus has a real contemporary look while the Solia appeals to the more traditional user. Not only do these lifts look good but they are probably the most technically advanced on the market. They can be used on stairs with an inclination of 52 degrees - just about everyone else in the industry can only manage 45 degrees. Also, they have developed a unique and innovative twin rack system for the track. Not only does it look stylish but it only protrudes the skirting by 3.7" making a Stannah ideal for steep or narrow staircases.

The other features that come with it can match and out do anything else on the market. For instance, the Stannah chair lift can be supplied with a motorized swivel chair - fantastic for those will severe mobility problems. No other manufacturer offers this.

The Stannah stair chair lift is the Rolls Royce of the industry.

Rating: I'd like to give it 5 out of 5 but nothing is perfect, so I'll settle for 4.99 out of 5.

Following the links for stair chair lifts from brands like the Stannah Stair Lift, the Ameriglide Stair Lift and others.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stair Chair Lifts For Outdoor Use

Stair chair lifts for outdoor use are meant to provide easy accessibility to the different levels of a building from outside. These devices are safe and reliable options for people with mobility issues. Since they ensure freedom of movement, chair lifts come as a blessing to anyone who finds it difficult to climb steep stairways.

The elegantly designed stair chair lift travels along the track that is fitted on the staircase. Designed for residential as well as commercial use, stair lifts meet a number of accessibility needs - carrying persons, luggage, laundry and groceries. Straight and curved stair chair lifts are available in various sizes and color options. These are excellent additions to any new or existing building. These systems can be placed on either side of the staircase.

Features of Stair Chair Lifts

Stair chair lifts for outdoor use mainly consist of a carriage with power or manual folding hinge track and bridging platform to carry the disabled persons. Some stair lifts come with dedicated batteries to ensure safe, dependable operation even during power outages. These feature rich outdoor stairlifts feature:

o Armrests that independently flip up for easy wheelchair transfer

o Optimal automated footrest for added comfort

o Adjustable seat height

o AC driven motors

The safe and durable system from Bruno comes with swivel seat, safety belt, infra red remote controls, start and stop button, obstruction sensors and lots more.

Find the Right Stair Chair Lift for Outdoor Use

A professionally fitted stairlift system from a reputable manufacturer can improve the quality of your life. Some of the popular stair chair lift manufacturers such as ThyssenKrupp Access, Savaria Concord and Bruno offer chair lifts in a variety of models including Electra-Ride Elite, StairGlide, Citia and Flow Stair Lifts.

If you are planning to buy stair chair lifts for outdoor use, it would be ideal to conduct a comparative study regarding prices and advantages of different chair lift systems.

Stair Chair Lifts - Convenient accessibility for individuals with disabilities. DAY Elevator and Lift offers the highly efficient Electra-Ride Elite Outdoor stair lifts from Bruno to help individuals with mobility problems.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Stair Lift Elevator - Review of Four Stair Lifts to Suit Your House

When you live in a large, multi-story house that you love, but your mobility has been impacted enough for walking up and down stairs becomes a chore or downright impossible, then you really want to start thinking about a stair lift elevator. You want to stay in your house, you do not want to move into a single story residence. How can you make your entire house accessible to you? In this article, you will find out about four types of stair lifts or stairlift elevators that will allow you to stay in your beloved home, yet keep access to all floors regardless of your disability.

The four types of stair lifts reviewed are: Chair lift for stairs, Standing stairlift, Perching stairlift, and Wheelchair stairlift. Which one can help you best?

Chair lift for stairs

This is a mobility device that consists of a rail that you install on your stairs, or on the adjacent wall. It further consists of a chair and an electric motor mechanism attached to the rail. The device allows you to safely sit into the chair at a station, and by a simple push of a button, safely transfer yourself upstairs or downstairs. Your normal sitting position will be parallel to the stairs, away from the wall. Many chair lifts for stairs will also include a swivel mechanism to turn you away from stairs upon embarking or disembarking of the chair lift.

Standing stairlift

Sometimes the injury that prevents you from walking upstairs is also preventing you from bending your knee. In such cases, sitting makes little sense. If standing is a good option for you, then a standing stair lift may be a better option. These stair lifts sometimes include a small low depth chair, but they always include safety rails that you can hold on to during the ride. Because standing position is normally less safe than the sitting position, standing stair lift will have special provisions for an extra safe ride, such as no jerky motions, and slower than usual travel.

Perch stairlift

Perch stairlift is a compromise between a sitting chair lift and a standing stairlift. Sometimes you will find a perch/stand stairlift option as well. Perching is safer than standing as you are able to use a seat belt that will help holding you close to the mini seat.

Wheelchair stairlift

Wheelchair stair lifts are often called inclined platform lifts. As the name reveals, they consist of a flat platform that one can drive on with a wheelchair or a mobility scooter. Then, after securely binding the chair to the platform, one can by a push of a button be whisked to another floor together with a wheelchair. Wheelchair stair lift construction is usually quite a bit heavier than chair lift construction, and many times a wall mounted rails will be necessary.

Has your mobility been impacted enough that moving up or down stairs is not an effortless activity anymore? Then consider checking out more information about the four stair lift elevator types on this site:, where manufacturers of several home stair lift models are reviewed.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stair Lift Or Vertical Platform Lift - Which is Best?

People who must use wheelchairs or power chairs can be severely limited in their own homes by a staircase. But even people who don't use chairs may be unable to climb an entire staircase. A variety of medications and physical conditions affect balance and vision, which can make even a small set of steps hazardous. When someone finds himself or herself unable to climb stairs for any reason, that can make a home feel small and isolating. The ability to get to the second floor or any level of the home is something most people take for granted, and something everyone can do with products like stair lifts and vertical platform lifts.

Each type of lift has a special purpose and can make mobility possible in multi-level homes, whether there are people present who use wheelchairs or who simply have difficulty climbing stairs. It's important to really consider the needs of the users when you're deciding which product is best for your home. In some cases, both are useful.

Vertical platform lifts are suitable for use by anyone in a wheelchair, power chair or scooter. These operate like elevators and are commonly used outside. Many people call them porch lifts because they're used to lift chairs onto the porch when it's high enough that a wheelchair ramp is impractical. It's important when purchasing a vertical platform lift for outside to make sure that the model is suitable for use outdoors, as some are designed for interiors only.

These lifts can be operated by the person in the wheelchair and so allow for more independence. The person never needs to get out of the chair, as is required with a stair lift. So for someone who cannot stand to transfer into another seat, a vertical platform lift is the best choice, for both indoor and outdoor staircases. Stair lifts offer the ability to go up and down a staircase, but are designed for people who don't need to stay in a wheelchair. Anyone can use a stair lift, so these are an option for anyone who has trouble climbing or descending stairs. Stair lifts can be used on outdoor stairs, too. Just make sure that the brand and model you choose is rated for outdoor use.

When choosing a stair lift, you also have to choose between battery-operated or electric. Both types must have an outlet nearby that they can be plugged into. The battery-operated models have a rechargeable battery that will allow the lift to work for a while without electricity. If the power goes out, the person with mobility problems will still be able to get up and down the steps several times.

The drawback to this is that the rechargeable batteries do wear out over time and need to be replaced, but the cost is about the same as a good car battery and not a huge burden. If the stair lift is used about 4 times a day to go up and back down the stairs, the battery will last about a year. One trip up and down per day should let the battery last 4 years, so don't let the idea of replacing the battery discourage you if a rechargeable model is something you're considering.

Stair lifts are also an option when there's nowhere to put a vertical platform lift or the renovation to add one would be too expensive. Keep in mind that some people who use wheelchairs will need help transferring in and out of a stair lift, and won't be able to use it independently.

Randy McIntire is a technical writer specializing in mobility devices for seniors and the disabled. For more information about stair lifts or vertical platform lifts, visit

Stair Lift Suppliers - Handicap Stairlifts

When handicapped family members have to access stairways, it can be quite heart-rending for other family members. More often than not these mobility challenged members are restricted in their movement in multi-level homes and office or shopping complexes. The good news is that now superior models of handicap stair lifts are being manufactured for better convenience of the physically challenged and the elderly. The chair lift suppliers ensure hassle-free installation of stair chairlifts on any kind of staircase, straight, spiral or curved.

Stairlifts Provide Comfort in Both Residential and Commercial Buildings

Now houses and commercial buildings can make it possible for mobility challenged people to access stairways easily by opting for a superior elevator model from a renowned manufacturer. Stair chair lift suppliers offer mainly models made by Savaria Concord, Bruno and ThyssenKrupp Access.

Superior Features of Handicap Stair lifts

The elevator suppliers provide maximum convenience to the disabled by integrating certain convenient and safety features in the models. Some of the features that are common to most models are-

- Emergency stop button

- Seatbelt with lock

- Obstruction sensors

- Swivel seats

- Emergency brake

- Power backup

- Hydraulic system

- Adjustable seats

Reputed Stair lift Suppliers Ensure Good Service

It is very important to get the required handicap stair lift model from a reliable supplier. These suppliers can install the chair lift and customize it according to the need of the disabled persons. They even maintain the chairlift and provide repair services if required. For better convenience it is advisable to research for a good elevator supplier and then opt for a superior model of stair lift for your home or for commercial use.

Handicap Stairlifts - DAY Elevator & Lift is one of the most popular mobility equipment providing firms in the United States, with a range of products in the categories of elevators, wheelchair lifts, and stair lifts.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stair Lifts & Residential Elevators

Stair lifts are very good for people who are not able to climb up and down the stairs on their own and they become less dependent on the others to take them up and down the stairs. There are different kinds of stair lifts available, which are suitable separately for different kinds of people's needs and also for the different kinds of staircases.

There are also different kinds of residential elevators, which are also known as home elevators, which are used for the people mostly on wheelchairs to move between the different floors of the house. These elevators are available with different capacities and kinds as well as finishes.

Home elevators offer a smooth ride between different floors of the house and you can move smoothly without any discomfort. The home elevators are offered in the market in different capacities, so that the clients can get what suits them better. In buying a home elevator, an important matter is that of the chair that has to go into the elevator and the home elevator has to be bought according to the weight and the suitable capacity has to be bought.

There are also some manufacturers who make home elevators that are green and are environmentally friendly. These are suitable for the people who are conscious about the environment and are concerned with the emissions and elements that pollute the environment.

In case of the stair lifts, there are mostly two kinds of stair lifts that are the most commonly used. There is one which has a seat and the other is the one on which the person has to keep standing while moving up and down the stairs. The two categories of the stair lifts are straight and curved.

These two categories of stair lifts vary from each other in the respect of the staircase on which they have to be installed. If you have a straight staircase that does not curve anywhere, then you should get a straight stair lift. Otherwise, if you have a stair lift that has a slight or larger curve, you would have to get a curved stair lift. In case of the curved stair lifts, the exact specifications of the staircase have to be noted down and the stair lift has to be designed accordingly.

Some of the important things that you would have to keep in mind when you're thinking of getting a home elevator are, first of all the need for you to enter and exit the elevator. Your needs for the elevator are going to be different and depend on how many times you need to enter and exit the elevator and also on how many floors you house has.

When you are getting a home elevator, you also have to keep the point of the capacity of the elevator in view. There are many manufacturers of both stair lifts and home elevators and you can compare the prices and features of each and then decide on the one that is the most suitable for you.

There are multiple stairlifts on offer at Churchills Stairlifts

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Stair Lifts For Residential Use

For physically challenged and elderly people, loss of mobility literally makes them trapped in their home environment. Stair lifts for indoor and outdoor residential use are ideal to solve this accessibility problem.

Apart from being an equipment to solve mobility problems, the stairlift has become a luxury item to add style, nowadays. For people who have problems climbing the stairs, a fall could result in serious injury. Hence, stair lifts have now become a necessary equipment for the physically challenged for easy floor-to-floor accessibility. It enables them to make safe, comfortable and quick multiple transportation in the residential environment with ease. Stairlifts are best suited for multi-storied buildings.

Quality Features of Residential Stair Lifts

For the convenience of the users, stair lifts come with a variety of quality features. To accommodate both standing and resting positions, these are available with adjustable seats. The various features provided include swing away arms, swivel seat and hidden gear jack. These can be operated even when the power supply is disrupted, as battery operated systems are available besides the AC operated ones. These lifts suit any residential environment, as these have many space saving features. Besides, these lifts are customizable suiting the unique requirements of the users. Customized stair lifts can conveniently fit spiral and curved staircases to provide a smooth ride. The simple handle controls are the greatest privilege since these enable the users to operate the equipment with ease.

Choose the Brand You Prefer

Residential stair lifts can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. They come in a variety of patterns - wheelchair platform, straight rail, curved rail and outdoor stairlift - to cater to the varied requirements of the customers. Citia, Excel with folding rail, straight glide and Flow stair lifts, the B.07 and the step saver straight stair chair are the lift models enjoying great demand, nowadays. Bruno, Federal Elevator, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Savaria Concord figure among the popular and renowned manufacturers.

At DAY, we make available residential stair lifts which feature safety, reliability, durability and powerfulness. Residential stair chair lifts are smart options for future hi tech homes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Stair Lifts For Straight Stairs

Stair lifts for straight stairs are ideally suited for domestic and commercial purposes, and these are installed on stairs that have no bends or curves. These are in every way a practical, safe and convenient solution for individuals who find it difficult to climb up and down the stairs.

Stair Lifts - Customizable and Affordable Accessibility Equipment

Stair lifts are available in a variety of models tailored to your budget and needs. Straight stairway lifts incorporated with a variety of user friendly features are on offer now, manufactured by the leaders in the industry such as Bruno, ThyssenKrupp Access, and Savaria Concord. With so many models and options available, you can definitely find a stair lift that is appropriate for your needs. The various models available in this category are Citia, Flow II, Stair-Glide B.07, Step saver, Electra-Ride LT, Electra-Ride Elite, Electra-Ride II and outdoor Electra-Ride Elite.

Maximum Comfort, Great Features

Some of the distinctive functional features incorporated in straight stairlifts are:

o Automatic sensors

o Soft start/stop operation

o Overspeed governor

o Safety belt

o State-of-the-art operating control buttons

o Optional safety key for extra security

o Rack and pinion drive for smoother drive

o Swing-away arms for enabling easy wheelchair transfer for the rider

o Wireless call/send features

Stair lifts are designed to move along a rail that is fixed on the stair. The rail can also be fixed on a wall running parallel to the staircase. These equipment, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, are available as A/C models and BOS (Battery Operated Systems). When compared to curved stairlifts, straight stairlifts are easy to install and more economical.

Although stair lifts for straight stairs can be quickly installed, it is better to make sure that the dealer you choose provides excellent after sales service. It is also essential to have a clear understanding of the quality, features and benefits of straight stair lifts before purchasing them.

Straight stair lifts from DAY Elevator & Lift are economical and perfectly fit any home decor. We offer handicap stair lifts, residential stair lifts, outdoor stair lifts, electric stair lifts, wheelchair lifts and more.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stair Lifts Provide Easy Access For Physically Challenged

Now-a-days, stair lifts have become an essential part of any multistory building, be it residential or commercial. With the progress in technology, stair lifts featuring advanced technology are available to provide easy access for the physically challenged and aged individuals up and down the stairs.

A stair lift is a movable lift, which moves along a track on which a chair is mounted. Different kinds of stairlifts such as straight rail stair lifts, curved rail stair lifts and wheelchair platform lifts are available to fulfill the needs of different people with different conditions and disabilities. These safe and reliable floor-to-floor transportation devices are intended for indoor and outdoor applications. AC and DC operated stair lift systems are available in different models. Battery operated stairlifts function even during power outages. These are easy to operate and maintain.

Popular Stair lift Models

In the accessibility equipment industry, some of the well known models such as Electra-Ride LT, Electra-Ride Elite, Electra-Ride II, Electra-Ride III, Electra-Ride Elite outdoor stairlift, Flow II, Citia, Stair-Glide, Excel, B.07 straight stair chair and Step Saver straight stair chair are provided by the most popular manufacturers including Savaria Concord, ThyssenKrupp Access and Bruno. Most of these stair chair lifts come with advanced features.

Stair lifts Ensure Uninterrupted Performance

Bruno Electra-Ride Elite stairlift is yet another accessibility product, in which all controls are automatic. It comes in unique and ultra-compact design. For added comfort, this accessibility equipment has adjustable seat height, footrest height and armrest width. The flip up function of the arms, seat and footrest enables this system to allow space for others to use the stairs.

Stair-Glide from ThyssenKrupp Access comes with advanced features including hand held pendant control, overspeed brake, call/send controls, fold-up arms, joy stick control on arm, foot obstruction sensors, seat belt, and swivel seat cut-off switch.

Stair Lifts - A Complete Accessibility Option. At DAY Elevator & Lift, we specialize in providing the best quality stairway lifts for the physically challenged. We have stair lift systems on offer for both residential and commercial purposes.

Stairlifts - Take the Struggle Out of Climbing the Stairs

Buying a stairlift can have huge benefits for your quality of life, giving you back some freedom and independence. Stairlifts can be adapted to your individual needs, so no matter what your requirements are, there'll be one to suit you. The stairlift company representative who visits your home can assess what type of design would be best for you. There are two main sorts. Straight stairlifts are suitable for staircases that don't have any bends. They glide in a straight line up and down the stairs. If your staircase has corners or curves, a curved stairlift will be necessary to negotiate the turns.

Your mobility needs will be taken into account. As it is safer to sit down when using a stair chair lift, seated stairlifts are the most common design. It is possible to install a stand-on stairlift if you have difficulty bending your legs, but this type of stair lift can usually only be installed on a straight staircase and may have a weight limit. A perching stairlift is an option for people who can't bend their knees to a sitting position and are unable to straighten their legs out. Some public buildings have stairlifts with wheelchair platforms, but these need a lot of space and are often too wide to be fitted to a residential stairway.

Your new stairlift can also be adapted to make it easier for you to use. It's essential to be safe and comfortable when using a stairlift. Special features can be added to give you more confidence to operate the lift on your own. For example, if you suffer from arthritis in your fingers, you can have a joystick instead of button controls. By choosing a reputable company you can expect to get expert advice to help you choose the best sort of stairlift for your particular needs, which should make life easier and take the fear out of struggling with the stairs on a daily basis.

A reputable stairlifts company can assist you in getting the most out of your new stairlift, so there's no need to struggle with the stairs any longer.

Caroline Smith is a successful freelance writer who has written many articles for the leading information resource on stairlifts, including curved and straight stairlifts from a vast selection of quality manufacturers.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stairlifts Help You With Mobility Problems and the Ups and Down in Life

Today, stairlifts are well recognized as essential aids for people with a range of mobility problems which cause difficulties when climbing stairs and indeed are provided not only in domestic settings, but in public facilities where accessibility is both recognized and supported.

The invention of the stairlift is generally attributed to C.C.Crispen, an entrepreneur from Pennsylvania, USA, who wanted to help his ailing friends move from floor to floor. A self taught engineer, he created his first prototype and called it the In-Clinator - an inclining chair mounted on rails and powered by electricity. In the 1930s, The Inclinator Company of America commercially produced, advertised and sold their stairlift primarily to victims of the polio epidemic which swept the country at that time.

However, an earlier reference was found in 2009 by historian Doctor David Starkey whilst searching through the archives of King Henry VIII. Following a jousting injury, the king, weighing some 30 stone, was hauled up and down stairs by servants at Whitehall Palace in London on a reinforced chair using a block and tackle system.

Today, stairlifts are known variously as stair lifts, stair-lifts, chair lifts, stair gliders and are manufactured by a range of major companies including Acorn, Bison, Brooks, Churchill, Minivator and Stannah.

The modern day stairlift now boasts a range of features focusing on safety, convenience and comfort including seat height adjustment, flip up safety rail and seat belt, soft start and stop, folding steps, key switch, battery isolation and telephone station.

DC rechargeable battery systems are used to power the stairlift drivetrain to ensure continuity of use in the event of a mains power failure.

Conventionally, the standard layout for a domestic stairlift is for the seat to be at right angles to the rail so the user travels side saddle. Either manually or powered, the seat swivels at both bottom and top of the staircase to provide comfortable and safe entry and exit with a safety switch or locking device to prevent accidental movement. Special models are available to cater for a wide range of mobility problems. These range from the perch seat, a stand on platform to models with seats facing the bottom of the staircase for users whose condition prevents use of the conventional seat layout. Obviously, landing space needs to be sufficient to accommodate these special models. In addition, stairlifts which can accommodate a wheelchair are widely available and incorporate a platform, access ramp and locking system for the wheelchair.

Controlled using either a switch or toggle on the stairlift's arm or via remote control, modern day stairlifts incorporate safety cut off switches connected to safety edges to ensure that, on meeting any obstruction, the stairlift will automatically stop and only travel away from the obstruction.

With rail systems designed either as straight or curved rail, any staircase type can be accommodated although curved rail stairlifts require more design and customization, including seat incliners to avoid uncomfortable or hazardous travel angles for the user.

Thanks largely to the imagination and engineering efforts of CC Crispen with some earlier inspiration perhaps from King Henry, the stairlift has rightly found it's place as a convenient, safe, reliable and comfortable aid to those of us with mobility problems offering a freedom to move around the home or building which otherwise might be denied or at best be exceedingly difficult.

Manufacturers and installers have offered an extended warranty, rather like those available for domestic white goods and brown goods.

M Trevena
Mobility Consultant: Leodis stairlifts The premier supplier of stairlifts to assist with mobility problems in Yorkshire and Humberside

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stairs Plus Chair Lift Equals Stair Lifts - A Rose by Any Other Name is Still a Rose

You can call them chairlifts, stair chairs, stair lifts, stair glides, or stairway lifts. Whatever you refer to them as, they are all the same thing - a mobility device that attaches to a flight of stairs and allows the rider to sit on a chair and be lifted up the stairs. The Mobility and Medical Industry refers to them most often as stair lifts.

There are over 7 main stair lift manufacturers with over 32 different models available on the market today in the United States. Whether for inside or outside use, curved or straight stairs, or residential versus commercial use these lifts consistently meet the needs of the consumer by transporting between floors without the use of an elevator, escalator or vertical wheelchair lift system.

However, consumers often get bogged down by industry terminology as well as industry bias. With that many models available it can be a bit overwhelming, especially if the lift is an immediate necessity. The key thing to consider when researching and purchasing stair lifts is what is the intended outcome. Since a stair lift is such a large investment, you want to be as informed as possible.

Once you have established that a loved one has the ability to use the stair lift, it is key to consider the home and which model will best serve the needs and work within the structure. Homecare Suppliers, LLC has detailed some of these common questions and factors on their Daily Living Blog with "Understanding Stair Lifts".

Cost should not be your primary factor. While it is important to understand the market and work within your budget, it is most important to get the lift that meets the users specifications.

Things to consider:

Can the user access the lift easily? Will they need a transfer board if they are in a wheelchair? If this is the case - the lift they use must have movable armrests.
Does the user have use of their right arm and hand? This is important as the controls to make the unit run are usually mounted on the right armrest. Some models allow you to put these controls on the left armrest.
Fear Factor - Does the unit swivel at the top of the steps, at the bottom, or both? Some riders are uncomfortable getting on a unit if it does not swivel at the top of the landing as they fear they will fall down the steps.
Is there a weight or height concern? Some units have a maximum lifting capacity of 300lbs. Additionally, the individuals over 6 ft sometimes need additional leg room space and thus the width of the staircase is important.

Understanding key features is also important as you make your decision.

Electric versus battery. There are a few manufacturers that sell an electric stair lift. However, most manufacturers sell battery run units. To clarify - battery units are not a battery back-up unit but a battery-run unit. Simply stated, a battery run unit is a unit that utilizes a battery to run and gets its recharge from an electrical outlet. These units are plugged into an outlet so that the unit is constantly receiving a trickle of electricity which keeps the battery charged. When the unit is in use, it is drawing its current from the battery, not the outlet. Should a power outage occur the unit can be used for duration of 24 - 78 hours depending upon the model purchased.

Worm-Drive versus Gear Driven versus Cable Driven. Each has their benefits. However one is not necessarily better than the other. Unfortunately, there is a lot of hype about one over the other, which is mostly manufacturer-driven commentaries and has little to do with functionality or durability. They are all pretty comparable when technically compared for function, safety and durability.

Aesthetics - Bells and Whistles. Price is often defined by the bells and whistles of the unit. Beauty, leather and upgraded features affect the price of the unit. Understand your price parameter and work from there to ensure that you are getting the best product for your particular situation.

Warranty. Warranties are pretty consistent in the industry with slight variables. Most units have 5 year warranty on the motor and between 1-3 years on parts and components. This is pretty standard. However, something to note is that most manufacturers do not offer a labor warranty. As a result, most dealers do not offer a labor warranty for the stair lift. To equate this to an everyday situation - if the heating element were to go out in your oven - even if it is under warranty - you still have to pay for someone to come out and diagnose the problem and do the work. The manufacturer will provide the new part, but the labor to do the repair is paid by the homeowner.

Self-Installation. Some manufacturers will not sell their unit uninstalled while others have designed a unit that is less complicated and can be installed by a handy individual. These manufacturers typically provide technical support via telephone to assist with trouble-shooting. A consumer can request installation manuals prior to purchase in order to ensure that they are capable of completing the installation. It is very important to find out what support is available to the consumer regarding self-installation and trouble-shooting, prior to purchasing. Further, it is important to take into consideration that some of these calls are not toll-free or within the United States.

Installation - Local Dealers - To find a local dealer that can both provide installation as well as sales, it is best to look in your local yellow pages book under medical supply or stair lifts. Although, purchasing local may not be the most competitive price, you often get a free consultation prior to purchase as well as a 90 day installation warranty if they install the unit for you.

Installation - Internet Dealers - Many internet dealers can provide the unit as well as assist with installation, however, the installation is a separate cost and may be coordinated through another company.

Financial Assistance - Medicare and Medicaid as well as most private insurances do not reimburse for stair lifts. A stair lift is a non-reimbursable item and is not even coded by the insurance industry with a HCPCS ('hix-pix'). Beware of dealers who state that they can get you reimbursed. Contact directly your insurance provider for written verification. Additionally, when you speak with your provider, make sure that they understand that you are inquiring about a Stair Lift not a LIFTCHAIR. Medicare and Medicaid do provide some reimbursement for the mechanical components that go into the reclining chair that also lifts an occupant - this is the stationary chair that you sit in. It is not a stair lift or chair lift.

While we know that a stair chair is a stair lift is a chair lift and a rose is a rose is a is still important that you get the exact one that best suits your needs. Every manufacturer and model is unique in their design, style and cost. We recommend comparing available models and then compiling a list of needs, financial capability and then expectations. At that point, you can then reach out to dealers and begin your comparison process and find the provider that meets your needs.

Suzanne is a freelance writer for Homecare Suppliers, LLC as well as several non-profit organizations. Homecare Suppliers, LLC is a national provider of mobility products including stair lifts, bath lifts, ramps, vertical lifts and daily living products. They also maintain an informational blog that features information for Living Life Unlimited despite mobility and accessibility limitations. A link to their blog is located on their website at

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Stairway Chair Lift - Improving Mobility in Your Home

A stairway chair lift for residential purposes is a chair attached to a track that is, in turn, bolted to the staircase. The main purpose of such a chair is to enable people who cannot climb the steps to get to the top or the bottom of the stairs. Chair stairlifts, though, are not just for carrying people, they can also be used to carry heavy loads that otherwise would be difficult to move to higher levels of the house.

Chair lifts can be operated by pushing a button or a series of buttons and are powered by electricity. Conventional stairlift chairs are of different kinds and are usually designed based on their intended function and the specifications of the stairs where they will be attached.

Types of stairlifts based on stair configuration

Stair lifts can be designed for straight or curved staircases. There are also those that are built specifically for stairs with a middle landing. More often than not, a staircase with a middle landing needs two stair lifts for each set of landing. Traditional stairlifts are relatively easier to configure and build; however, stairlifts for wheelchairs are not as easy to build.

Wheelchair stairlifts need wider stairs, stronger support and other features to accommodate the wheelchair and the person riding it. A wider landing area at the bottom of the stairs is usually needed to provide the rider some space to get on or off the wheelchair. This kind of stairlift also needs a load-bearing wall since it is attached to the wall of the house and not on the stairs like conventional stairlifts.

Power Supply

There are two ways to supply power to a residential stairlift. One is through an A/C unit that relies on household electricity. If the power is turned off or cut off, then the stairlift will not operate. A battery operated stairlift, on the other hand, functions with the use of standard batteries. The good thing about the latter is that it can function even when the electric power is turned off. However, batteries of stairway chair lifts need to be changed constantly since these mechanisms eat up a lot of power.

Building a stairway chair lift at home requires careful measurements of the areas involved, including the stairs and landing areas. The design of the stairs with which the stairlift will be attached should also be considered. Cost issues, intended function and weight capacity are also primary concerns for such indoor systems.

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Which is the Cheapest Type of Stair Lift?

For those people that live in a home with more than one story, and have someone living with them who needs to access all levels of the house but can't use the stairs, the best thing to do is get a stair lift as it gives them freedom to move around on their own.

Rather than adding an elevator, or changing your house's layout to accommodate the disabled person, you can simply add a stair lift to your already existing stair case and simply allow them the freedom to move around as they will without needing to have someone help them all the time.

Stair lifts come in different types. You can either get one which has a chair that is fixed at a moving track, or one that has a platform onto which you can easily put a wheelchair. The second one is better for people who cannot move out of their wheelchair, while the first one is a great option for people that can't stand for too long. You can even get a stair lift that will move along a curved staircase, if your staircase is not the conventional straight staircase with landings.

The stair lifts in the market are priced differently. The ones that operate on normal staircases cost less than the ones that work on curved staircases, as these require more work to be put in by the company.

Your stair lift cost will also be influenced by the number of levels you have that are needed to be made accessible, the number of landings, the height of the stairs and other specifications that the company will get when they send a representative to get the measurements and look at your house. You can also tell the company about the maximum amount you can afford to spend, and they can help you figure out how they can get you a stair lift in that amount.

A stair lift operates on wheels that transport it along a railing that is fitted into your staircase and upon pressing a single button, the lift will transport the person or thing on the platform or chair onto the next floor. This equipment is becoming quite popular in homes with elderly people since it provides ease of movement.

The lift functions either on battery or on your normal electricity. The battery option is more expensive, so if you are trying to cut costs you can opt out of it, but it is important if you expect to have power cuts and can't afford to have someone stranded on one level for longer periods of time.

Stair lifts are an excellent piece of equipment that provides people who have impaired mobility with the option of accessing all levels of the house at their ease without having to get someone to help them. The costs can vary, so it is a good idea to talk to several companies and get quotes before you decide on the final one you pick.

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Top Ten Questions on Stair Chair Lifts

A stairlift is a mechanical device for lifting people and wheelchairs up and down stairs. Stair Chair Lifts have been around assisting the mobility impaired for a long time, but are a mystery to many. Following are a collection of questions and answers on these wonderful inventions.

Who used the earliest recorded chairlift?

King Henry V111, a 420lb Monarch, when injured in a jousting match, had servants haul him up and down stairs in a chair attached to a block and tackle system.

When were Stair Chair Lifts Invented?

In the 1920's a self taught engineer, C.C. Crispen created a seat that climbed stairs, in an effort to assist an ailing pal.

When did stair-lifts become commercially available?

Some of the first stairlifts to be produced commercially were advertised and sold in the USA in the 1930s.

Who were the first users of stair chair lifts?

The first user group were victims of polio.

What are the popular types?

Wheelchair Platform stairlifts
Curved rail
Straight rail
Outdoor stairlifts
Used stairlifts

What is the common power source?

Primarily powered by conventional AC, but some models are DC powered by accompanying batteries.

How safe are mobility lifts?

All commercially available units have passed stringent safety tests. All models are equipped with "safety edges" that should the lift hit an obstruction will cause the lift to stop and travel in the opposite direction, (similar to a garage door opener.)

What are some popular brands?

In no particular order:

Stair Climber

Are stair chair lifts expensive?

It depends on how you view it. Though most models will run into the thousands, many people facing mobility challenges assert that it is a lot cheaper than moving.

What are the travel speeds?

Most models incorporate a "soft start" feature, that gently propels the chair with no jerking effect, and will generally reach about 30 ft per minute.

Stair Chair Lifts will enable you to comfortably negotiate up and down stairs, and are a very practical alternative to moving from your home, and in fact will make your home work for you.

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Wheel Chair Stair Lift - What it is and What It's For

A wheel chair stair lift is a very useful device to allow wheelchair-bound individuals to move around the house. However, these chairs are more expensive and more complicated to build that traditional stairlifts since the weight and width of the wheelchair have to be taken into consideration.

Installation Challenges

Wheel chair stair lift installation, particularly for a domestic setting, can be challenging. Unlike traditional stairlifts, the ones that are designed to accommodate wheelchairs should be mounted on load-bearing walls and not fixed to the stairs like the usual stairlift. In addition, lifts for wheelchairs require more space and a more sturdy support.

Stairlifts for wheelchairs should be able to take a minimum weight of 500 lbs. and the width should be at least 36 inches, unlike conventional lifts that only require a 22-inch width. Furthermore, enough space should be available at the bottom of the stairs to provide a landing space for the stairlift and allow the rider to get off the wheel chair.

Types of Stairlifts

Stairlifts are not necessarily for the exclusive use of wheelchair-bound individuals. People who have difficulties climbing stairs - older people, physically handicapped - can also be helped by stair lifts. Aside from a wheelchair stairlift, there are several more types of lifts that can be used in domestic and public buildings.

There are curved and straight, electric and battery-powered. Curved stairlifts are specifically designed for curved staircases and are more expensive to install since they need to fit the specifications of the stairs. In comparison, a straight lift is easier and cheaper to install. Stairs that run in a straight line from the bottom to the top can accommodate a straight lift.

Most conventional stairlifts, especially the more simple ones, can be operated by a remote control powered by batteries. However, for lifts designed to accommodate wheelchairs, more often than not, electric power is required. Again, this can be more expensive and more complicated to build.

Stair Lift Manufacturers

There are a number of companies that manufacture stairlifts of various kinds, including ThyssenKrupp, Savaria Concord, Acorn, Stannah and Garaventa among others. There are also used stairlifts that are commercially available, but finding one that suits the specifications of a particular stair might be difficult.

A wheel chair stair lift is a very useful device for the wheelchair-bound. However, installing one usually entails a lot of money and effort. If a member of the household is riding a wheelchair, having a straight, simple stair design will be a good first step to make installing a stairlift much easier.

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Top Handicapped Stair Lift

Handicap stair lifts are becoming increasingly popular in old homes, and even residences. They are very useful at providing mobility to the handicapped and those that are too old to comfortably go up and down the stairs without help. Stair lifts fill this need perfectly by allowing the user to both have independence and mobility while leaving family and friends to take care of their other needs.

There are, however, many varieties of stair lifts on the market due to their increased popularity. Getting one can actually become quite troublesome as getting the wrong one will mean the handicapped person will not be able to easily use it, making it ineffective and useless.

When you are buying one for your use, make sure you follow the following advice to make sure you get the best handicapped stair lift in the market.

Every stair lift is different, so make sure you look at the kind you will need by examining your needs. For instance, if the person you are getting this for is limited to a wheelchair, or cannot stand comfortably on their own, then you should get an elevator stair lift and not one with a chair.

Another thing about handicapped stair lifts is that they require a button to be pressed. If the person who will be using this cannot press a button by themselves, or cannot reach comfortably to press it, then you should consider another option.

Also look at the upper body strength in the person who will use this. The handicapped stair lift has a chair that the user will need to sit in, and if they are not even strong enough to sit in a chair without slipping, then it would be unsafe to get them a handicapped stair lift.

Make sure the stair lift you get has a seatbelt for safety. This is extremely necessary as without on the user could slip and fall down the stairs, seriously hurting himself. Make sure you check and make sure this works properly.

Also look at your home. You need to make sure the stair lift you are getting will fit on your stairs so make sure you sign on with a company that sends someone to your place to look at the house before installing the lift. Another important thing is after sales service. Hire a company that will be available to fix the stair lift should anything go wrong and has very fast repair times as otherwise you could end up with a broken stair lift and company that takes weeks to repair it.

Finally, you need to look at power. While most models come with a battery that will work in case of a power breakdown, make sure you check this and get one that has a good battery that will last a long time. Another thing to be careful about is how it is linked to your home power supply as you want the connection to be secure. Otherwise you will have to call an electrician every few days to fix the wiring.

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Tips on Finding Curved Stairlifts

Stairlifts are essential devices for disabled people to help them go up and down stairways. With these tools disabled people are not limited to living in one-story dwellings.

Stairlifts are generally devices that are mounted on the wall and that hook onto a wheelchair. A mechanical motor then transports the wheelchair up or down the stairs.

Some stairlifts also have their own chair where the disabled person can sit in. These are particularly useful if the person can walk but does not have the ability to go up and down the stairs by themselves.

As we know, not all stairways are straight. Some stairways are curved and that demands a particular kind of stairlift, also known as the curved stairlift.

Curved stairlifts are generally more expensive than the straight type because they have to be custom manufactured or specially adapted for the particular stairwell. This process involves measurement and custom design as well.

There are several companies that specialize in stairlifts.

One of these companies is Easy Step Stairlifts, which are located in the United Kingdom. They provide new, reconditioned, and curved stairlifts to the general public. The manufacturer models that they carry include stairlifts from Brooks, Bison Bede, Liberator, Meditek, Minivator and Thyssen.

Apart from selling stairlifts, Easy Step Stairlifts also do stairlift repair and servicing.

Savaria Concord Lifts is another stairlifts company that you can consider. They are located in Qu├ębec, Canada and carry curved as well as straight stairlifts.

They have been in business for over 30 years and their customers can choose from different models, sizes, features and finishes, and can even have wheel chair lifts, stairlifts and elevators custom-made to fit their requirements.

Savaria Concord Lifts sell their stairlifts through authorized dealers.

A stairlift for your home does not only have to be strong and reliable, they also have to be attractive because they are very prominent features in the home. In addition, they also have to be easy to use for the disabled person to go up and down the stairs.

It is best to speak with the professionals about a curved stairlift because it is definitely not a do-it-yourself task.

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