Sunday, October 31, 2010

Features of Outdoor Stairlifts

The need to install a stairlift depends upon the extent of handicap, injury or individual's limited mobility. If climbing a stair has become a painful experience and you do not intend moving homes, a stairlift is a boon. Due to the increasing demand for better mobility options both within the home and outdoors. Though there is no fundamental difference between indoor and outdoor stairlifts, the outdoor lifts are manufactured using weatherproof materials to resist both heat and cold.

The basic features of outdoor stairlifts are:

? As compared to indoor stairlifts which are molded out of aluminium, outdoor lifts are made from materials such as unstained metals and vinyl that can withstand heat and cold in extreme conditions.

? The chains and pulley blocks are generally manufactured with insulation to protect them from mildew, dampness and heat.

? Unlike indoor chairs, outdoor stairlift seats are made from highly durable vinyl that is weather resistant, preventing damage.

As the installation may require higher skills, considering the location, climate and quality of materials, it is best to get professional help from outdoor stairlift manufacturer's representative to come for an in house survey and see the place where you need the outdoor stairlift installed. As there are numerous sizes and models of such lifts, consider your requirements and then shortlist the potential models. Price is another consideration when you buy outdoor stairlifts as they are higher priced than indoor ones due to extra insulation, materials used and installation. However, the basic features of the stairlifts remain the same.

Both indoor and outdoor models have the trains, wheelchair or chair, chassis and rail tracks. The only difference is apparent is the location, terrain, weather proofing and high durability of material that is used. Indoor stairlifts are protected from harsh weather and wear and tear is low as compared to climatic ravages that outdoor lifts endure.

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