Saturday, October 23, 2010

Regain Your Freedom Around Your House With a Residential Stair Lift

A residential stair lift can be of great benefit to those that use a wheelchair for mobility, as traditional stairs can be a trying experience.

There are essentially three solutions to conquering stairs in your residence. The first is a ramp system, which can be difficult to implement depending on the home's layout. The second is an elevator which can be cost prohibitive to your average consumer.

The third solution, a residential stair lift, offers a combination of benefits that makes it the most flexible and inexpensive choice. Using a residential stair lift is an economical option that doesn't require the financial investment of an elevator. It also offers a high level of flexibility, and can be configured to work in almost every scenario.

A residential stair lift comes in an inclined or a vertical model. Both types of wheelchair lifts operate similarly. You will be presented with a platform to roll your wheelchair onto via a ramp. The access ramps will fold up and you will be securely held in place during your ascent or decent.

To reach the floor or level you are interested in visiting, you use a push button. Holding down the button will propel the ramp in the direction you desire. Quickly pushing and releasing the button will allow you to safely direct the ramp where you need it to go.

The inclined platform has tracks and a platform that are attached to the wall or stairs. It is quite easy to customize to suit your specific staircase and is the preferred choice of most wheelchair users.

The vertical wheelchair lift is like an elevator, except you do not need to physically adapt the building you are going to install it into, other than to accommodate the space taken up by the vertical wheelchair lift itself.

Depending on your requirements, there are numerous residential stair lifts available. Installation of a stair lift will allow you to navigate the change in floor levels without difficulty. Climbing stairs no longer has to be an impediment for you.

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