Saturday, October 9, 2010

Which is the Cheapest Type of Stair Lift?

For those people that live in a home with more than one story, and have someone living with them who needs to access all levels of the house but can't use the stairs, the best thing to do is get a stair lift as it gives them freedom to move around on their own.

Rather than adding an elevator, or changing your house's layout to accommodate the disabled person, you can simply add a stair lift to your already existing stair case and simply allow them the freedom to move around as they will without needing to have someone help them all the time.

Stair lifts come in different types. You can either get one which has a chair that is fixed at a moving track, or one that has a platform onto which you can easily put a wheelchair. The second one is better for people who cannot move out of their wheelchair, while the first one is a great option for people that can't stand for too long. You can even get a stair lift that will move along a curved staircase, if your staircase is not the conventional straight staircase with landings.

The stair lifts in the market are priced differently. The ones that operate on normal staircases cost less than the ones that work on curved staircases, as these require more work to be put in by the company.

Your stair lift cost will also be influenced by the number of levels you have that are needed to be made accessible, the number of landings, the height of the stairs and other specifications that the company will get when they send a representative to get the measurements and look at your house. You can also tell the company about the maximum amount you can afford to spend, and they can help you figure out how they can get you a stair lift in that amount.

A stair lift operates on wheels that transport it along a railing that is fitted into your staircase and upon pressing a single button, the lift will transport the person or thing on the platform or chair onto the next floor. This equipment is becoming quite popular in homes with elderly people since it provides ease of movement.

The lift functions either on battery or on your normal electricity. The battery option is more expensive, so if you are trying to cut costs you can opt out of it, but it is important if you expect to have power cuts and can't afford to have someone stranded on one level for longer periods of time.

Stair lifts are an excellent piece of equipment that provides people who have impaired mobility with the option of accessing all levels of the house at their ease without having to get someone to help them. The costs can vary, so it is a good idea to talk to several companies and get quotes before you decide on the final one you pick.

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