Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stair Chair Lift - Should You Choose a Curved Stair Lift?

The curved stair lift is one key type of stair chair lift that is commonly chosen for its versatility. It is also known for its expensive price in comparison to its counterparts. If you have a stairway with a lot of curves, twists and corners, you will need it. Almost all aspect of the chair requires customization, from the railings, to the number and slants of the curves and more. There are near alternatives which you might consider in lieu of the high cost of acquiring a new set of curved stair lift.

Indeed it is more expensive, but there is justification for the value. If you only want a stair chair lift, based on your very unique specifications of a stairway, there is no other types that can replace this, unless you are willing to pay for a home lift which would cost at least three to 4 times more. Another unlikely alternative is the straight version which could mean installing many more sets, not to mention having problems with the measurements and installation as well as heightened cost. Time taken would also multiply due to the complexity.

And if you are thinking of buying a used set since they should logically cost you less, think again. Not only is difficult to find a used set, you will also encounter problem fitting one onto your stairway. The main reason is that there is no one set of stairs that are made alike, especially when it comes to curves. The dimensions will be not be entirely and exactly matching even if you can find a somewhat similar looking set.
Even if all angles and dimensions do match, the efforts to transport the used set to your home could be literally an impossible feat to say the least. And not to forget mounting the railings could also pose a great task as the tracks may not match the railings.

The only items of the entire set that can be reused is the carriage which includes the seat pan, back rest, foot rest as well as arm rest. The remote control and the base control unit should come with the carriage as well.
In fact, with all the so called options listed above, there is still no better one than purchasing a new curved stair lift, which conveniently eliminates all the mismatching dimensions, transportation issues, expensive alternatives, ensuring that you will regain your mobility and independence within less than a month instead of having to wait endlessly for a set of suitable used ones. Treasure your new found mobility with Curved Stair Lift and find out all about Stair Chair Lift here.

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